Boring Half Marathon

I did it! My time, according to my Apple Watch, was two minutes faster this year. Not bad for having a bad cold, battling terrible smoky air, and having to deal with an injury during my training. Honestly, I wasn’t really looking forward to this. I was kinda cranky about running it in the days […]

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Sunday run day ๐Ÿƒ

The wind changed direction and it rained a couple of times this week so my run was pleasant this morning. It’s nice to have clear air and to be able to breath! However my shoulder is all knotted up and hurts and it affected how I felt. Getting old kind of sucks. Here I am […]

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Sunday runday

Today is my last long run before the half marathon in 2 weeks. My plan instructed me to run 14 miles. I think the idea is that you tend to hit the wall a couple of miles before the longest distance you have trained up to, so if you train a little bit more miles […]

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