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A very long time ago I used to do this thing called Friday Random 10. It was actually a blog meme and it was fun. To join in the fun, simply put your iPod on shuffle and blog the first ten songs played.

I actually had forgotten about it  until recently as I was going through all of my old blog posts. I kind of missed it! I’m sure the process is only edifying to myself but that’s o.k. I think I’ve come to the realization that I blog for myself. That others read my blog is  delicious icing on the cake.

So anyway, I bring you, again, today’s Friday Random 10. With YouTube videos so you can listen too!

1. Way out by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
LOVE this song and this band. Love to sing along with their music. Karen O’s voice is the best.

2. Goodbye Stranger by Supertramp. This song makes me remember my younger, carefree days, playing with my neighborhood friends at the playground.

3. Pictures of Lilly by the Who. Not one of my favorite Who songs.

4. Live wire Beastie Boys. I have a weird Beastie Boys story I should share sometime.

5. In my head by Queens of The Stone Age. God I love this song. I’d forgotten about it.

6. Lion’s Jaws by Neko Case. I discovered Neko Case in the dead of Winter in Spokane a few years ago. I bought all of her albums and played them obsessively. So now when I hear her music it reminds me of winter and , thus, sadness.

7. The Green Lady by Big Audio Dynamite. This song reminds me of having fun in NYC and, because I loved and listened to this album all the time, when I first moved to California.

8. Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley. I only have one Marley Album but a song from this album never fails to play during shuffle. My iPod loves Bob Marley. And so do I.

9. Let the Good Times Roll by the Cars. Fuck. Yeah.

10. I bleed, by Pixies. I do. For reals.

2 thoughts on “Friday random ten

  1. I didn’t know anyone else even knew who Big Audio Dynamite was. Last time I looked, all their CDs were out of print. I loved those guys back in the day. Thanks for sharing your list!


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