Friday Random 10 – National Poetry Month edition


It’s Friday and you know what that means. Friday Random 10! With poetry on top! I don’t know about you, but I could use a little fun after this week of disturbing news.

I’ve got my coffee. I’m ready. Let’s do this thing!

1. Make Yourself – Incubus.
I do like these guys very much. They’ve had a couple of duds (but I have to admit that I like the duds as well). We are off to a good start.

2. Waiting in Vain – Bob Marley.
Good old Bob Marley. I heart him. I have his portrait hanging on the wall in my living room. My little brother drew it. It’s actually pretty rad. (brother’s got mad drawing skillz.)

3. Bullet with Butterfly Wings – Smashing Pumpkins
“Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage.”

4. Take Me Over – Cut Copy
Fun album. Great song!

5. An Ear For Baby – The Thermals
Yeah! The Thermals! My favorite band. This whole album if full of all sorts of wonderful.

6. All Apologies – Nirvana
This is shaping up to be a very good FR10.

7. Send Him Away – Franz Ferdinand
Another good song. Nice!

8. Rebel Rebel – David Bowie
Not much to say about David Bowie. He kind of speaks for himself.

9. Someday You Will Be Loved – Death Cab For Cutie
Didn’t this song come up a couple of weeks ago? hm.

10. Long Time – Cake
I think this is the only Cake song that I hate.

ok. now for the poem. Let’s see what we’ve got here….

If I hadn’t made me, I would’ve been made somehow
I don’t wanna wait in vain for your love
The world is a vampire, sent to drain
Do you hear that voice inside your head
Pull out your dead roots
What else should I be?
I can’t seem to feel the envy
You’ve got your mother in a whirl
I once knew a girl
It’s been a long time.


Wow. This one actually kind of works! Cool!

Happy Friday!

Friday Random 10 – National Poetry Month Edition

Books, Music, Art, Movies

I have started doing FR10s for this month because I had an idea for a kind of “found poem.” I am blogging the first ten songs that come up randomly on my iPhone and then making a poem out of the first lines of each song. The first one was kind of a dud, but it’s still kind of fun to see how it shakes out.

Are we ready for this? Let’s go!

1. Lonely Boy – Black Keys
We are off to a great start. Good song!!

Um. This video kicks ass.

2. We Take Care Of Our Own – Bruce Springsteen
Eh. There is something about this song that irritates me a little. What is it I wonder? Is it the hyper-pro America message? Why do I resist that? Because I am a Pinko-Commie-Hippie maybe? hm.

3. Red Hot Moon – Rancid
Yeah!! I heart Rancid. The lead singer is  from San Jose, you know. Did you know that? He is. I don’t listen to enough Rancid. I need more Rancid in my life.

4. Friday – Rebecca Black
This was on last year’s Fluxblog Survey. So that’s why I have it on my iPhone. FOR REAL. Because I hate this song. Well that is not entirely true. I kind of secretly like it because every time I hear it I laugh out loud. The part where she gives us a lesson on the days of the week make laugh so hard. But it also makes me very sad too. Because it is just so fucking idiotic. It is also Friday. So yay.

5. King of the Mountain – Midnight Oil
This song reminds me of being a nanny in New York because I listened to this album a lot while I was there.

6. Baba O’Riley – Dropkick Murphys
Oh. my. fucking. god. This song makes me burst with all sorts of glee and happiness. It is a cornucopia of all of my favorite things rolled into one song.  My favoritest song in the whole wide world performed by Dropkick Murphy’s and it features a banjo. It doesn’t get better than that. I might as well end this post here.

7. Our Secret – Beat Happening
This is from a compilation called “Left of the Dial: Dispaches from the 80’s underground.” Cute song. I am not familiar with it.

8. What’s Going On – Marvin Gaye
Wow. Not much to say here. Classic. “Only love can conquer hate.” Good to remember.

9. Peaches – The Presidents Of The United States Of America
Is this a possible, “Embarrassing Music On Monica’s Iphone” entry? Maybe? oh well.

10. Grown Up – Danny Brown
Another from last year’s Fluxblog Survey. I really like this song a lot. More each time I hear it.

And now for the poem! 

Well I’m so above you and it’s plain to see but I came to love you anyway.
I’ve been knocking on the door that holds the throne.
Under a red hot moon take a bus to the graveyard shift tonight
Seven AM waking up in the morning
Walking through the high dry grass
Out here in the fields
I was walking in our town
Mother, Mother, there’s too many of you crying
Moving to the country
Now i spit a 16 straight with no punch.

OK then. There we go.

Happy Friday!

Friday Random 10 – National Poetry Month edition

Books, Music, Art, Movies

I haven’t done a Friday Random 10 in a very long time. I found this old post and thought for National Poetry Month, it would be interesting to combine the two ideas.

So here is the idea: Put your music player on random. Blog the first 10 songs that come up.
Then make a kind of “found poem” out of the first lines of each of the songs.

I invite you to participate! If you do a post on your blog please link to this one or post a comment so I can read what you’ve come up with.

It will be fun to see what comes up! Ready? Let’s do this!

1. Happy Holidays You Bastard – Blink 182
This song is pretty much how I feel every time the holidays roll around.

2. Settle Down – Kimbra
Love this song. Haven’t heard it in awhile The video is pretty great too.

3. Why am I the one? – Fun
This was on this years’s Fluxblog Survey. I have to admit to myself that I like these guys. I haven’t heard this song much but it’s nice.

4. Till I Gain Control Again – Willie Nelson
God, I heart Willie Nelson so much. I could write a whole blog post on how much I love him (and maybe I should). So I’ll just leave it at that. The version I am listening to is from the album, “Willie and Family Live.” Such a good album. If you ever get a chance to listen to it, do it.

5. Rich Girl – Gwen Stefani & Eve
God. I haven’t heard this in years and years. Indeed, if I had all the money in the world I would clean out Vivienne West.

6. Lover Of The Bayou – Mudcrutch
Tom Petty in any form is a good thing. Add a zombie chase to your lyrics and you got my ear.

7. Tiny Little Bows – Carly Rae  Jepsen
Another from this year’s Fluxblog Survey. If it wasn’t from this free source of music it would be filed under “embarrassing music on Moni’s iphone.” But it’s not. ‘Cause it was a free download. Ahem.

8. She Sells Sanctuary – The Cult
This was my favorite song when I was in my twenties. I still love it and I love The Cult. I haven’t heard this in awhile. It reminds me of Gary, my boyfriend that died in a car accident. I should write more blog posts about him. I’ve been thinking about him a lot lately.

9. The Sundays – Another Flavor
This is another band that I used to love a lot when I was in my twenties. I listened to them all of the time. I remember one time I met a guy at a club in San Francisco, I was in my early twenties and was with my crew of Scandinavian nanny friends. I was talking to a guy who I kind of thought was cute. He mentioned that he also liked The Sundays and I thought that was cool. But then he went on and on about how much he loved them. I mean, he was seriously obsessed. I remember sitting there listening to him talk about them obsessively and feeling this weird feeling of doom rise up inside of me.

10. Someday You Will Be Loved – Death Cab For Cutie
This song makes me very sad. As many of their songs do.

OK. Now the poem.

It’s Christmas Eve and I’ve only wrapped two fuckin’ presents
 I wanna settle down
I got enough on my mind that when she pulls me by the hair she doesn’t have much to hold onto.
Just like the sun over the mountain top you know I’ll always come again. 
If I was a rich girl
Catfish pie in a gris-gris bag, I’m a lover of the Bayou. 
Cupid draw back your bow
Oh the Texas Sun makes my back burn
The timing’s all wrong
I once knew a girl in the in the years of my youth with eyes like the summer all beauty and truth. 

Hm. Interesting. I think I need to let it sink in.

That was fun! Happy Friday.

Friday Random 10

Books, Music, Art, Movies

This blog post was written first thing this morning while I was getting ready for work. I am just now adding the videos.
1. I’m on E. Blondie
The fast singing is doing nothing to get my brain going.

2. Saving me. Nickleback
Well this is embarrassing. How did Nickleback end up in my iTunes library? I think The Mister is the culprit.

In fact, when this was playing this morning he called out from the other room, “I thought you hated Nickelback?”

3. Even in his Youth. Nirvana
I am feeling very Kurt Cobain today so this is appropriate.

4. Twenty one. The cranberries.

5. Three Marlenas. The Wallflowers.

6. Tear you apart. She wants Revenge.
It’s a YA novel in a song.

7. Someday. The Strokes.
Always like hearing these guys.

8. Skeleton Boy. Friendly Fires.
This was a free video download from iTunes.

9. The Denial Twist. White Stripes

10. Up All Night. Unwritten Law.
I don’t why this on my iTunes either. Must be The Mister’s.

Happy Friday!

Friday Random 10

Books, Music, Art, Movies

I lack the brain power to post anything of substance today. So let’s do a Friday Random 10. Shall we begin?

1. Fight For You Right. Beastie Boys
I like how this is starting.

2. Rainy Day Woman. Bob Dylan.
This song makes me laugh.

3. Mr. Amsterdam. Sum 41.

4. I know what I am. Band of Skulls.
Free download. I find this song irritating for some reason.

5. East Jesus Nowhere. Green Day.
I kind of lost my interest in Green Day a few years ago and never really listened to this album much.

6. Wanna Be Starting Something. Michael Jackson.
Yeah! great song.

7. The Impression That I get. Mighty Mighty Bosstones.
Love this song!

8. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.
Fuck yeah, AC/DC.

9. Pro Nails. Kid Sister.

10. Miranda. Surfer Blood.
Yeah! My new fave band. What a good way to end it.

Happy Friday.