Happy Thanksgiving

Doug on Thanksgiving 2007.

Doug on Thanksgiving 2007.

Thanksgiving is a difficult holiday for me.  Two years ago my step-dad died of cancer Thanksgiving weekend. Last year when Thanksgiving rolled around I was filled with sadness and grief at the last memory I had of him  when he was in final stages of death. This year I am also sad but I’m a little bit stronger, and for that I am thankful.

I am not going to do Thanksgiving dinner with family today. This year I wanted to do something completely different so I am going to go for a long hike on the Gorge. And if I think about Doug and I feel like crying I won’t be in an awkward situation (around a family dinner table where we are all supposed to be happy and thankful). Today I am going to just get outside and enjoy nature.

5 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. thanks for sharing that monica
    i think i know how you feel with my dad passing recently
    i think this is going to be a hard day for me
    i would have rather been hiking with you and susie
    i already made plans to visit with my mom and bros
    and feel like a can not change my plans
    but i feel like i dont want to go now
    im am grateful to have love and compassion
    and learning how to be in the moment even though
    this moment is filled with tears and sadness
    so thank you for sharing your experience
    it has help me to realize that i am not alone in my feelings
    cant wait to see some pictures
    touch a tree for me


    1. Danny, you are so welcome. We missed you today! You are definitely not alone. Losing a parent is the worst pain I have ever known. It still hurts. And imagine it will never stop hurting. So I know exactly what you are going through. But it will get better. taking it day by day, moment by moment helps a lot. I hope you are enjoying your day today with your family.


  2. Last year Thanksgiving really stunk for me because it was just me and Tim and it really didn’t feel like much of a holiday. But this year I know that being is Spokane for the holidays will be the hardest thing ever because Dad isn’t there, and in a way I guess I am thankful to have a 2000 mile buffer so I don’t feel Dad being gone quite so much.

    When we got the call that Dad’s mom had passed we were all putting up the Christmas tree, and Dad never helped put up a tree again. I hope that you can enjoy Thanksgiving soon.


    1. Janet, last year Thanksgiving was difficult for me, too. Not just because of Doug’s passing. That’s going to make it be a difficult holiday for a very long time, I think. But also because I wasn’t with my family. I do miss being with them this time of year. That was one of the things I loved about living in Spokane, being able to spend the holidays with them. However, being in Spokane for Thanksgiving would stir up some pretty traumatic memories, so I’m kind of thankful for the distance, too.

      Today was a good day. Hiking and getting outside helped so much. I walked around and just completely enjoyed the beauty around me and I think I felt Doug’s presence, too. It was really nice. I think I may have found a new tradition 🙂


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