Toll Gate Inn


A couple of weeks ago we had a nice, sunny day. At least for a few hours. I was told that Holgas like nice, sunny days (color film anyway). So I filled her with film and headed out. My original thought was to wander the streets of Sandy, starting at the Toll Gate Inn. I didn’t get any further than Toll Gate. It’s really  a wonderful place to photograph, filled with all sorts of artifacts from the olden days.

This photo was an interesting screw-up.  I often mess up at least one shot on the roll of film. In this particular case I realized I accidentally shot the photo between frames. I like how it turned out and I am going to try shooting an entire roll of film like that! maybe do a panorama or something.

4 thoughts on “Toll Gate Inn

    1. I am still learning. I do miss the sharpness and instantaneous control that one gets with digital, but the whole process of letting go and living with the screw-ups has been enlightening.


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