No One


I had a busy weekend! I visited my home town, Spokane. Here is a list-ey post with some highlights:

  • I met up with some of my photographer friends on Saturday morning. We played cameras downtown for a few hours. It was very fun! I hope that we are able to get together again soon. Too much time goes by in-between these meet-ups. I brought my Holga and my Pentax K7 with me. I shot two rolls of 120 film, one black and white and one color. I am looking forward to getting them developed.  In the meantime, here is a shot of some graffiti, made with the digital camera.
  • I had dinner with some more of my photographer friends later that evening at Zola. I had never been there. I  had the mac-n-cheese and it was fabulous.  I also laughed so hard I cried. I had to leave when the band started playing ’cause I was turning into a pumpkin.
  • I met up with my dad and step-mom for breakfast the next day. My dad bought an iPad a few months ago so I got to actually play with one close up which led to:
  • I bought an iPad. yep. If you have one please tell me your must-have apps.
  • I got my hair did. My  brother’s fiancée offered to color my hair when I asked her about the topic. It’s actually a lot darker than the picture shows. I love it!

So there you go. My weekend in bullets. See you tomorrow!

8 thoughts on “No One

  1. For your Ipad have a look for an App called “The Photographer’s Ephemeris” Show sunrise/sunset moonrise/moonset on a big map where you are. Great for planning shoots around THE GOLDEN HOUR.
    Do you play Chess – get Chess with Friends.
    IncrediBooth is a bit of fun.


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