it was a good day


It was a glorious day today! The last time I looked at the temperature in Sandy it was 77 degrees! Oh how I have missed Mr. Sun. I LOVE this weather so much.

Ever since I read Runner’s World trail running issue I have been dying to go out for a trail run. So this morning I bought myself a pair of Merrells with the intention of running the Salmon River Trail. Unfortunately, I am sick with a cold and today was the grinding headache portion of the nastiness. So instead decided to break in my new shoes by hiking the trail instead.

Afterward we decided to check a cabin that is for sale, cheap, in Rhododendron (a little community up on Mt. Hood.) Oh. My. God. It is right on the river and it is the most beautiful spot ever. And now I want to buy a weekend cabin.

Here are some iphone snaps from our day, and a video of the Salmon River, too.

2 thoughts on “it was a good day

  1. You should totally buy it! If you can truly afford it, do it before you talk yourself out of it. My wife and I are thinking of opening a Bed & Breakfast. We want to start our own art community. We’re starting to look at houses this month. It’s scary and exciting at the same time!


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