Sold on Square Format


I’ve started scanning the Holga shots I took in Spokane and am really liking how they turned out! I will post a few my favorites here (from the color film).
double exposed
This one is double exposed. I forgot to wind the film. I feel really silly for making this mistake. I think I even talked about making this mistake with my friends moments before I took the first one (which is the group shot of my friends sitting at the table).  It makes me extra sad because I didn’t take any other group shots. However,  I actually like the effect.

Here another double exposed shot:

double exposed

I like the colorful graffiti in this one:

on eno

The digital shot of this vandalized wall is here. Please ignore that I accidentally scanned the wrong way. ahem.

I have to admit that I am loving very much square format. I am not sure if I can express in words why I like it so much. It just feels good to me. I like composing within the square frame. I like the way it looks. So much so that I am looking to buy a real (as opposed to toy) medium format camera. Film, too. Not digital. Film. I am in love with film. I am not sure I want to go back to digital anytime soon, to be honest. So the question is, which one? Anyone out there have any suggestions?

10 thoughts on “Sold on Square Format

  1. I love square format! I came to love it shooting with my phone, however. I gravitate towards images with strong symmetry and that seems easier to accomplish with square format.

    As for a camera, there are a lot of options. You can get Bronica or Mamyia set ups for not too bad a price. Old Lubbitels or Kievs are even cheaper, but their quality is hit and miss. has a pretty good selection for pretty good prices.


    1. I am like you, I have been using Hipstamatic and Instagram on my phone and have really grown to love it that way. Now I want to dig in deeper! Thanks so much for the suggestions!


  2. you can pick up really nice tlr cameras for a song. I’ve got a Yashica A that is super solid and has a great lens. Picked it up on the flea-bay for 50 bucks. I’m sure they can be found more cheaply if you’re more patient than I when looking.


    1. Thanks Tyson! Yes, I have read that the Yashica is a good camera and they come pretty cheap…Fifty bucks sounds pretty good to me!


  3. Hello again. 🙂 First, let me join the chant in saying I LOVE 6×6! I had a Hasselblad I loved. I’ve also had a Mamiya, a TLR, box cameras, and some Zeiss and Ansco folding cameras that all shot 6×6, or 6×7. My latest favorite now though, is 6×9.

    Anyway, Bronica’s and Mamiya’s are awesome cameras, but it can get pricey. Even buying used. BTW, when looking for used, I highly recommend as Michael said above. I’ve bought and sold thousands of dollars in camera gear with them. They are immpecable.

    It makes me so happy to see other photographers who have not abandonded film entirely. 🙂 My feeling is, if you want to go square, buy a TLR. It’s self-contained(you won’t ever get tempted to buy an extra lens or new camera back, which can quickly kill a budget!), and they’re simple to use.

    The thing is, they force the photog to take time and compose carefully, focus accurately, and think about the final image before the shutter is pressed. There are many great TLR’s out there. Yashica, Minolta, Rollei, Seagull. The only TLR I owned was a Pearl River. It was a Chinese knock-off of a Chinese Seagull TLR, which itself, was a knock-off. Ha! You’ll hear all kinds of people say don’t buy a Chinese camera. Buy a Rollei. Well I’ll tell you something, that camera took incredible images. Tack-sharp.

    Have fun shopping! That’s almost the best part. One thing to consider, if you decide to use KEH, don’t be afraid to look at EX grade equipment. They rate New, LN, EX+, EX, and BGN(bargain). I have never been disappointed with a purchase. They are very tough when it comes to rating the equipment. Unless you’re a camera broker, or serious collector, they’re EX grade equipment looks very nice.

    One last thing(I’m sorry!), when looking around, make sure the camera shoots 120. I made the mistake of buying a Yashica that used 127 film. Also, a lot of very old cameras use 620 film. I’m probably not telling you anything you don’t already know. I’m looking forward to seeing your first images with your new camera!


    1. I was hoping you would chime in! 🙂 you always have great advice for my budding film obsession. Thanks for the recommendation on KEH..I am going to have a look at them. I glanced at the website yesterday and they had really good inventory.

      Yay! I’m excited!


      1. Monica,
        I almost forgot to mention, if you’re gonna go out there and take great pictures, you need a good light meter. I recommend getting one or both of these meters: Sekonic L-398 or the Sekonic L-308.

        I have both and they’re excellent meters. The 308 is a very nice, small combination ambient/flash meter. It’s digital and can be used anywhere.

        The 398 is a workhorse of a meter. It’s analog and strictly an ambient/reflective meter. I used this meter all through film school. It’s my favorite meter. One I will never NOT own! Have fun!


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