Wayback Wednesday: that day on Lake Pend O’Reille



A few months ago I had a conversation with my niece on Facebook. It was her 21st birthday and, apart from that making me feel old, I was remarking on how long it had been since I had seen her. I recalled that the last time I saw her was in 1997 when I was visiting Spokane and the family took a day trip to Lake Pend O’reille in Idaho. It was a fun day. I recalled such details, down to what I was wearing and what I was reading. I was about ready to start my American Literature degree at UCSC and was preparing myself for a class by reading one of the books. It was terrible. The Sorrows Of Young Werther was the name of it. Regardless, I remember being very happy that day. The future was full of promise and happiness and it seemed like I could feel it.

I found the photos from that day at my mom’s house a few weeks ago!

The camera that these were taken with was interesting. It was made by Kodak. You had to buy special film for it and could choose between three sizes of prints. The choice was made on the camera. One of the choices was panorama.

Here are some other shots from the day:




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