Last night I had a dream that I was drowning


I was alone on a dock on a lake. It was a sunny day and the sunshine warmed the skin on my bare arms and legs as I reached into the lake to grab something. I fell into the water and found myself on my back  struggling to stay afloat. I gasped for air as I looked above me. I saw the buildings on the docks, everything in full color, the sun still shining. Yet I was gasping for air. I woke up gasping and realized I was in my own bed. I was so incredibly relieved and grateful that it was just a dream and I wasn’t  drowning to death.

This morning I was listening to my “Starred” playlist on Spotify and the song “Rearrange Beds” by An Horse came on. It made me think of this:

“The pause makes you think the song will end. And then the song isn’t really over, so your relieved. But then the song really does actually end, because every song does actually end, obviously and THAT. TIME. THE. END. IS. FOR. REAL. “

Jennifer Egan. A Visit from the Goon Squad, from the chapter, “Great rock and roll pauses.” (psst: please read this book. it is fucking brilliant.)

So yeah. What are you thinking about today?

3 thoughts on “Last night I had a dream that I was drowning

  1. Hmmm. I too had a dream last night that I was drowning. I was a passenger in a car on a road near the ocean and a big wave came and engulfed the car.


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