Ektar 100


I tried the Ektar 100 next. I am seriously in love with this film. I LOVE the saturation and contrast. Here are some photos I took with the Yashica on an evening walk in my neighborhood. These are all straight out of the camera. No tweaking at all.

Overall, I am very happy with how they turned out. I love this camera.

8 thoughts on “Ektar 100

  1. the purple ground and halo are scanning issues. Ektar is notoriously difficult to scan. I love the film, but that’s one reason I shoot far more portra.


    1. It’s really a gorgeous film. I get frustrated with it when I go to scan the negatives. I can never seem to get the color right on my scanner. I am told there is a color negative scanning class at Newspace. I will definitely check it out.


      1. Nice, I’ve never heard of taking a class for scanning but I don’t see how it could hurt. I don’t have much experience shooting and scanning Ektar in 35mm. I’ve shot it quite a bit in medium format (120mm) and the scans tend to turn out well for me with my Epson V500. The colors are bright, bold, and heavily saturated. I’m not sure if you’ve seen this yet, but here’s a recent Ektar shot I posted:



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