Wayback Wednesday


Father’s Day is Sunday. So here is a photo of my dad and me, along with my Stepmom. This was taken, I believe, in 1995. I was 26.

The next time I am tempted to get my hair cut short please remind me to look at this photo (not a good look for me AT ALL).

I really, really admire my dad. This might sound cliche, but he really is one of my heroes. He has always been very inspiring to me in the area of health and fitness. All of my life he has been very active and it has inspired me to be the same way. I wish I had half the determination he has. I mean, he just turned 70 and he is training for a triathlon. How cool is that?

2 thoughts on “Wayback Wednesday

  1. Oh, come on – you look adorable! Its a totally 80’s do …. uhhhm, 1995? Sorry about that … I think you still look cute though! πŸ˜‰


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