on getting with the program – or not.

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So today I decided to start my “Reboot” program, a diet program based on the juicing program in the film, “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.” I decided to go with the 15 day program which is not a juice fast but a program that also includes eating meals that consist of fruits and veggies.

I did pretty well. The photo above is breakfast, baked apples and cherries with raisins and cinnamon. I liked it well enough. I also drank my allotted juice and ate my carrot soup for lunch (also delish). However, when I looked at the clock and the day was pretty much gone and I wondered what the fuck I did all day I realized I spent my entire day juicing and preparing food for these meals.

And now I wonder if this is something that I really want to do. There is also a cost factor. I bought the stuff yesterday for today’s meal plan and it cost and inordinate amount of money for food for one day. So there is a question of whether or not I can even afford this diet.

There are other factors that concern me, as well. It is very low calorie and there is virtually no protein. I don’t like this. I really want to get serious about my running regimen and in order to do so I need the proper fuel.

So I think I am going to decide not to do this. But all is not lost. I did not fail. Actually, in the lead up to this I have been eating very healthy and I think I have come up with a plan that will work for me. Which is what is important, anyway. I need to figure out what will work for me. I know myself and I know that I won’t stick with something if I am spending an entire day preparing food for meals.


2 thoughts on “on getting with the program – or not.

    1. I think it is worth trying. I am definitely going to continue juicing. My friend did an all-juice fast for seven days and had success. I may try something like that too. This particular meal plan was difficult for me though, mainly because it was so labor intensive.


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