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Plinky asks, “What have you been reading lately?” Funny you should ask, Plinky! Because I am currently in a dystopian novel reading frenzy right now. I am doing a presentation on the genre next week and there are a couple of novels I would like to finish up before the presentation. Today I will finish “The City Of Ember.” This is a kid’s book about a world in which the entire city has been underground for more than 200 years. Instead of being lit by the sun it is lit by light-bulbs, hence the title. The problem is that supplies are running low and fear is spreading among the citizens. The protagonists of the story search for a way to save themselves and their town.

I am really enjoying the story! I find it very well written for this age level. It seems hard to find well-written stories for this age, but this does well. The characters are well drawn and the plot is solid.  It is an older book, published in 2003. In fact it was the first Kindle book I purchased when I first downloaded the app for my iPod in 2008! I can’t believe I haven’t read it until now. But I glad I am. I am enjoying it very much.

When I finish this I will continue reading Delirium by Lauren Oliver. I am not far into the book yet but the plot grabbed me right away. It is about a world in which it has been determined that love is a sickness and when one turns 18 they have an operation that cures them of it.

Next week I will post the list of books that I am presenting. We are reading Hunger Games for our city-wide read and I offered to give a book talk on other Y.A. books in the dystopian genre. I have read a ton of these books. They have always been my favorite.

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