5 thoughts on “Ferns

  1. So, I’m wondering about the color. Did the purplish/magenta hue come from scanning the original negative or print? Does the original print look better? If the print looks the same as the scan, your negatives may have been subjected to high heat before processing, or, they were contaminated by the photo lab. How do your negative edges look? Are they a good, clean amber? Or, are they darker than usual?


    1. I didn’t get prints so these are from the negatives. The edges look normal, not dark. I have trouble with scanning Ektar. The colors come out really wonky. Any advice?


      1. Ha! At this point, you have a lot more experience than me scanning negatives! All I know is, you’ll have to do a lot of experimenting with the advanced settings, making sure to keep meticulous notes. Once you find the optimum settings, save them as a seperate profile. You’ve probably already done this anyway. When you get these funky colors, it’s very hard to eliminate them. You have to add green, yellow, and sometimes a little red. Good luck! BTW, I forgot to say before, I really like this shot. It’s really nice!


        1. Actually, I haven’t done that. I need to take the time too. I have another image that is really messed up color-wise that I want to work on.

          Thanks! So glad you read my blog so I have someone to talk to about this stuff! 🙂


          1. Looks like you have your work cut out! I’m glad we can go back & forth like this. I never know how much to say sometimes because some people can get really defensive. Do you follow my blog? I’m trying to write a purely instructional blog for photography. Unfortunately, I don’t blog very often. I think I only have about a dozen posts. If you can think of some topics, I would be more than happy to address the ones I can. I’ve been thinking about writing one on HDR, since that’s all the rage now. We’ll see. Feel free to email me directly with any questions.


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