On Animated GIFs.


Oh this is fun! The weekly Mind The Gap challenge on The Daily Post blog is our opinion on Animated Gifs.

I love animated GIFs. I think they are silly and fun.

No! My Pie!



I used to be a critical jerk who thought gifs were tasteless

Hi! I am a tasteless, glittery, American flag.



but I have since abandoned that part of myself and have embraced the fun, silly parts of the internet.


I would even call some of them works of art. .

Made By ABVH


Memes and GIFs. GIFS and memes. It is all about GIFs and memes.



I love a good repackaging of pop culture.


I LOVE that they are a quick way to easily express oneself visually. For example, this is how I feel about the circumstances surrounding our recent presidential election.


I can live the rest of my life without seeing another dancing banana though.


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