A visit to Pittock Mansion


The Mister and I decided yesterday to go to Pittock Mansion. I had heard that it was really cool to see during the holidays all bedecked with Christmas paraphernalia.


A bit much, don’t you think?

As we walked around, things took a turn for the creepy. Behold, a christmas wreath made of….

Deck the halls with baby doll heads

Deck the halls with baby doll heads.


baby doll heads? Are those baby doll heads?!?


Indeed, they are! wow. doll heads.

Things got weirder and weirder. So weird that I failed to take photos of it all. Until I saw the mannequin getting drunk on the sleeping porch because, well, you just have to pull out the camera when you see a drunk mannequin.

A mannequin getting drunk on the sleeping porch

She is dreaming of sunny days and warmer weather.

Aside from the doll parts, it was pretty and fun. And it was even pretty fun. We ended the day with the best cup of hot cocoa I have ever had.

The best hot cocoa ever

At Moonstruck Chocolate Company!

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