Weekly Photo Challenge – Love


This week we are supposed to share a photo that represents what love means to us. This is perfect for today! I just got an email from my husband that made me laugh so hard and also reminded me of why I love him so much. There are so many things about him that I love but one thing that I really love is that he knows how to make me laugh, probably more so than anyone else.

He helped me out on a photography project today. I took some photos for a website for that leadership project I am working on (more about that soon). The composition was pretty good but there were things in the photo that made it less than perfect. The Mr is a master at Photoshop (I suck at it and hate it) so he fixed it all up for me. When he sent me the file he also sent me a little joke along with it. If you are familiar with the “Hey Girl” meme, you might get a laugh out of it too.



13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Love

  1. Handome guy! although I didn’t quite get the meaning of the words in the photo. I have somethng in mind but I don’t know if that’s the meaning hehe


    1. Ha! No it’s not what you’re thinking 🙂 the guy in the photo is the actor Ryan Gosling. There is an Internet meme where people put “hey girl” and then something nice that a woman would normally love a man to do for them. My husband and I joke about it all the time so I loved that he made his own Ryan Gosling meme just for me :). He actually really did photoshop a pole out of a photo for me. No euphemism going on this time. (Ha)


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