Wayback Wednesday


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This is my great-grandmother, Laura Boucher. I haven’t a clue who the other dude is. A distant cousin maybe? My great grandma lived to be in her nineties. She was well loved and had the most beautiful spirit. This guy probably came from far away to see her. I love how, in the photo below, she seems so happy to see him and his wife. And they seem happy to see her, too.

I have mentioned her briefly on this blog in the past. I would really like to write more about her. I would like to learn more about her! One of the things that I want to do with these Wayback Wednesday posts is write more about those that came before me. I would love to learn, and tell, their stories. My great grandma has a really intersting one that is worth persuing.

One thing I learned about her recently: She knew how to speak French fluently. I had no idea! She liked to visit a French woman down the street so that they could converse together in French. I find little details like this about my relatives fascinating.

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