Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward


Rafael walks into a portal

This week’s theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge is “Forward” and this image from my film swap with Brendan from Aware of the Void popped instantly into my head. I am still so stunned and blown away by these images, in fact this week everyone around me has been forced to sit down and see them all and listen as I analyze in great detail every single one.

If you didn’t catch the recent post on this particular project, I shot film here in Oregon and sent it over to Brendan in Ireland. He red-scaled and double exposed with images from around where he lives in Dublin. The effect is really cool and sometimes uncanny, as the case is in the above image. In this particular photo, my husband is walking down a road here in Oregon but looks like he is walking into some strange portal, which is really a ruin of a building in Ireland.

This photo, and this project makes me think of all of the exiting things I have yet to learn in film photography. I am taking a darkroom class in March and I really look forward (ha!) to it. I feel like I am on the road to a really exciting time, creatively.

24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

  1. This is very cool. My initial thought when I first saw your photo was: “This looks like an old school double exposure”.
    Then I read your text 😀
    Also: thank you very much for the pingback:

    «Much obliged, much obliged» (Bubbles, The Wire).


  2. Perfect…forward into the Twilight zone- at first I thought it was the interior refection on the window- really cool..I will look at his work- Thanks!


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