More postcards!



I received two more postcards in the mail the other day! One from Alex from the U.K. You can find his wonderful photography at his website. He is also the proprietor of I also got a card from Lacey, the instigator of this whole thing. She originally brought this idea to my attention. You can find her work at her website,

I send out my postcards Monday and I am having a blast seeing them arrive at their destinations! This project is making me so happy. I am actually enjoying the mail again!

8 thoughts on “More postcards!

  1. Juliette (I’m not kidding that is her name) would like me to point out that she is actually the worlds most spoiled Boston Terrier.

    Also there is a Film Por Vida mailing list that you can add yourself to. I’ve just been picking folks at random and sending cards. I’m having tons of fun. I can’t wait to get something back. (

    I need to figure out how much postage I need for international cards so I can send some around the world.


    1. oh oh oh! awesome! I will add my name to the list! It costs $1.10 to send things overseas. But You can buy global first class forever stamps, that’s what I did.

      After the holidays Alex and I are going to set up a postcard exchange thing on Elfster! I’ll post more about that later..


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