Amsterdam Day 4: WPPD

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Day four of our trip was Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. Inge and Alex organized a really great day! We started out at Dam Square and meandered our way around the city, eventually ending up in the most wonderful place: A jenever bar called In de Olofspoort. If I hadn’t known Inge I would have never known to try this wonderfully delicious drink! I ended up buying a bottle of Chocolate Mint to take home. After our drinks we wandered through Dam Square to shoot some pinholes of the carnival rides.

Here are the photos I took. All pinhole photos shot with my Zero 2000 and Ektar 100 film. Click the thumbnails for details!

Rafael and Alex both have great blog posts about the day. You should check them out!

10 thoughts on “Amsterdam Day 4: WPPD

  1. Wow! Love these! Were you there the same time as me? I wonder if I would have recognized you on the street!!


        1. No way!! We were there the last week of April. It’s weird that we were there at the same time! So sad that we missed each other! I need to keep up on reading blogs more, dammit!! You must’ve had such a great time! My husband and I would love to spend and extended amount of time in Europe somewhere..


          1. Yes we had a terrific time although I liked Leiden better,A mini Amsterdam. I had my blog turned off anyway! Let me know when you come back Moni!


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