How I want to spend my free time

  1. write
  2. Read (1 hour every day)
  3. Practice ukulele (go through that Bluegrass Ukulele book I bought 3 years ago)
  4. Draw (go through the “Drawing on the Right Side Of The Brain” workbook I bought 4 months ago)
  5. Knit (Already doing – in the morning with coffee)
  6. Photography (of course)
  7. Running/yoga (alternate days)
  8. Meditate (20 minutes everyday)

Can I do it? Can I fit all of this into my life? These are the things that I feel like will feed my soul. These are the things that my soul yearns for.  I need to figure out how to do all of these things.  Or am I being unrealistic? to work full time and do all of these things?

7 thoughts on “How I want to spend my free time

  1. I have difficulty focussing on the stuff I want to do because I have too many things on my ‘list’ (although I haven’t written a list, yet).

    Lynsey got this in her email just this week and sent it to me. Ignore the career aspect and apply to personal life. It makes sense and I think it is very sensible advice. Cut that list of yours to five. It will be hard to do but you’ll be happy you did. (That’s the theory anyway, I haven’t tried it yet) 🙂

    Here’s the article:


    1. This is great James! Exactly the kind of thing i need to read. I think you are on to some thing with your suggestion of cutting the list. I was thinking along those lines as well. Thank you!


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