Roll 42: A sheet a day


Another post up at 52 rolls. Happy Saturday!

52 rolls

In August I began a project in which I shot one sheet of 4×5 in my Zero image camera everyday. I am a big believer in daily practice as a way to learn something which was exactly my goal – to really learn how to use this camera. The 25mm ultra wide angle on this thing was confounding me so I was hoping that familiarity would make me feel less intimidated. I shot these with Arista 100 because it’s cheap and you can buy it in packs of 50. I would shoot six days and then develop it with my Mod54 (it holds six sheets of film). Then I would scan them by taking a photo of the negatives on a lightbox with my iPhone and then inverting the negative in the Photoshop iPhone app. It became a nice routine that I really looked forward to. I uploaded these shots to…

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