Lomo’ Instant fun


I’d been dying for an Instax Mini for a very long time. I completely dig the business card size of the prints. I started really shopping around last summer and kind of decided on the Instax Mini 90 Neo but kept getting hung up on the price. Someone directed me to the Lomo’ Instant Kickstarter. I hated the thought of contributing to a Lomography Kickstarter project. I had mixed feelings about the Kickstarter they did for the Petzval lens. But in the end my wallet won out because the cost of one of these cameras during the Kickstarter was quite reasonably priced. I kind of hate that I was played in this way but what are you going to do.

Anyway. The camera finally arrived in mid-November!  I decided to take it with me to our beach vacation over Christmas. the camera takes some getting used to, like any instant camera. The flash on this thing is insane. But It’s nice because there are settings that can be adjusted. It’s kind of expensive to burn through this film to figure it all out. But at least it isn’t as expensive as Impossible Film. And the chances of getting a decent shot with Instax are much higher than Impossible Film as well.

It’s a fun camera! I do really like it and will make an effort to play with it more often. Love those #tinypitchers. Now I kinda want to dust off my Instax Wide!

Here are some shots from the beach. For all of these shots I had to manually turn off the (insanely bright) flash. I also had to dial down the aperture a bit to keep them from being over exposed. This camera also has a selfie mirror, so I had to try that out as well (naturally) :).

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