The beginning of a beautiful friendship


You know this post is about a camera, right? No. I’m not obsessed. Not at all. 🙂

Several months ago I was commissioned to knit a Dr. Who scarf for a Twitter friend. It was a fun project to knit and the recipient is very happy, which, in turn, makes me very happy as well (I love how that works 🙂 ). The money that I was paid to knit the scarf went toward a new (old) camera that I’d been wanting: an Olympus OM1. I found an excellent deal on Ebay and It even came with a battery so I could start shooting right away. It was the body only but I’d bought an Olympus OM10 awhile back that didn’t work, but came with the nifty fifty lens and a nice leather strap so I used the lens and strap from the broken camera for my new OM1n.

Instantly I fell in love with this camera. The size of it is perfect for a day wandering around town. And the simplicity of it is perfect! It is so intuitive and easy to use. I can see the appeal of this camera and now understand why it is revered by many.

I kind of feel like letting go of all of my other SLRs. That is how much I love this camera. I think I’m done. I’ve found the one.

love in a hopeless place

Love In A Hopeless Place




Donna and her pinhole camera

Donna and her Pinhole Camera


Reservoir 6

Reservoir 6


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