This was a really fun outing with my pinhole camera. We visited a part of the Salmon River Trail we’d never seen before – which is pretty amazing considering I thought hiked every inch of that trail.

When I saw this image I immediately thought of a map. And now I have this song running through my head.

I keep meaning to run my photoblog photo through – I finally remembered to do that this time! You can read the odd translation at the end. thought of a map as well!

Geeky bits:
Camera: Terrapin Bijou
Film: Ektar 100
Exposure: 12 seconds

(oh how I love this song).

As translated by

Notwithstanding, an environment, a travel, and a color. Or the environment constitutes a demarcating area of the earth. The travel climaxes in a letting person know you be back, and the color is the act or process of changing the color of something. Following, the environment associates with value. Next, it educes environ. At length, it is the totality of surrounding conditions. To this end, it educes political.

But a canyon and a summer: the canyon recalls valley, and the summer enjoys a more sunshine than winter. Simultaneously, the summer translates to перекладина. Until now, it associates with green. Furthermore, it relates to spring autumn. It is true, it pertains to the warmest season of the year. After all, the canyon is also known as a dale. That is to say, it comprises a station. Thus, it could also be called a vale. In addition, it constitutes a film.

Too, a tree, which can rain pollen. In brief, it may fall over. No, it may shade traveller. Always, it encompasses a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown. To this end, it constitutes a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown. Otherwise it encompasses a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown.

In addition, a nobody, a fall, and a scenic. Until now, the nobody is known to some as neamhdhuine. The fall is capable of hurt, and the scenic comprises a musical work. To clarify, the nobody is capable of live by second-hand value. To rephrase, it yearns for dying. Further, it educes somebody. Finally, it constitutes a single.

Maybe a mountain and a park: the mountain is part of a landscape, and the park arises from a space in which vehicles can be parked. On the contrary, the park is for enjoy picnic. Further, it amounts to a putting into a certain place or abstract location. To illustrate: it results from a space in which vehicles can be parked. Accordingly, it is use to camp. Immediately, the mountain is requisite for climbing\. On the other hand, it may appear in group. Sometimes, it pertains to a land mass that projects well above its surroundings. Next, it might be very effective barrier between country.

So far, a forest, which is a member of the trees and other plants in a large densely wooded area. Nearly, it amounts to a band. In the same way, it recalls green color. Simultaneously, it evokes land. Wherever, it recalls nottingham. To demonstrate: it echoes fill.

Afterwards, a landscape, a stream, and a rock. To rephrase, the landscape owns a small height than width. The stream is requisite for drink out of, and the rock is for kick. Here, the landscape is also known as a landscape image. At length, it elicits design. To illustrate: it relates to hill. By all means it educes dreamscape.

Of course, a water and an outdoors: the water recalls liquid, and the outdoors elicits open. On the other hand, the outdoors is known to some as luonto. To sum up, it precipitates jogging. For example, it translates to ข้างนอก. To illustrate: it echoes structure. Thus, the water belongs to a sea. By the same token, it is capable of cool burn. To repeat, it is an important source in earth. To rephrase, it exhibits reflective.

Undoubtedly, a flow, which precipitates a moving along, of liquids. Likewise, it echoes fluid. This time, it translates to tätigkeitsrausch. Here, it educes liquid. Nearby, it is known to some as fluidez. Surely, it translates to een zijn met.

Following, a waterfall and a nature: the waterfall appertains to a large natural stream of water, and the nature comes from a -ure. Likewise, the nature may be pruty. Simultaneously, it evokes outdoor general. Until now, it is very hard. Next, it educes outdoor world. For instance, the waterfall recalls cliff. To clarify, it constitutes a live album. That is, it comprises a single. Furthermore, it comprises a fall river.

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