Eating Raspberries on a Summer Day – a sonnet


I hide in your branches
In my reverie.
Around me the sun blankets
As I eat your raspberries.

In my mind I cleverly
Dream up stories.
I am enjoying this revelry.
I have no worries.

Then it’s five-thirty;
Time for supper.
And in a flurry
I rush to my mother.

Oh the joys of afternoon
During the carefree days of June.


The last assignment for Poetry 201 was to write a sonnet about pleasure using the poetic device, apostrophe. This is based on a childhood memory I have of eating raspberries by myself in the garden in the summer.

I have really enjoyed this class and I am going to miss it! It has been a very fun challenge to come up with a new poem everyday. I loved that we were confined to certain forms and subjects – it was challenging but it also somehow sparked my creativity more than when I have the whole world open to me. I’ve also really enjoyed reading the poetry of my fellow bloggers. There are some very talented writers out there in WordPress Land!

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