A Snowstorm In March When I Was Six – a concrete poem


Snowstorm in March (2)



Today’s poetry assignment is to write a concrete poem about cold using epistrophe/anaphora. I found an old blog post that I wrote and never published about a time when I was little and cried when it snowed in the springtime. It was memorable because it was not a tantrum. It was more like a feeling of sheer hopelessness. I always felt really sad for that little six year old version of myself.

I was wondering if I should post the words to the poem in non-concrete form so it is easier to read. But I think I will just leave it the way it is.

2 thoughts on “A Snowstorm In March When I Was Six – a concrete poem

  1. So glad you left it in concrete form. A very special post. Love the snow spots outside the house too. Ah the days of youth when our biggest problem was chasing the snow away….

    I shall miss this class – mainly because of the connections with others who enjoy this world of poetry.

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