Polaroid Week/World Toy Camera Day



Continuing with the Polaroid Week, theme: I learned through the Twitters that this past Saturday was World Toy Camera Day. I remembered that I had an instant back for my Holga and there was film in it! Yay! I could kill two birds with one stone! So I carried it with me to work to see what I could snap. I found my favorite fire hydrant and took a picture of it.  And then immediately learned that this was the last shot of the pack. I carried it with me to work and peeled it apart and found that I was shooting the sought-after Fuji FP-3000. And that was it. My last shot ever with this film. It kind of sums up my experience with it. It was a frustrating and disappointing ride. I gave my last pack away to my buddy Marisa and I am glad I did because I know it is much more capable hands. 🙂

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