Trillium today


I don’t have a blog post planned for you today so please accept this for a blog post: a photo of my second sighting of Trillium of the season (the best harbinger of Spring  and my favorite flower), and a story about something that happened about an hour ago.

So my mom texted me and my siblings on Friday. She was thinking about my Uncle Will because it is the 3 year anniversary of his passing. Just a little note to say she missed him. we had a  nice chat about him and I mentioned that I would go check on his grave over the weekend. My mom asked me to “share a beer with him” and I said I would (This has been a tradition, whenever my mom visits we visit his grave site and drink a beer with him).

So the weekend came and went and I completely and totally forgot to check on his grave.

I didn’t even remember until and hour ago when a patron visited me at the desk and talked to me about the Cherryville Cemetery. She has been involved in the cleanup for the past few years and is very familiar with my uncle and his connection to the place. She is interested in learning about the history of the area. We had a nice long chat about him.

It was really weird. I haven’t talked about the Cherryville Cemetery with anyone for a very long time. I am feeling like it was the Universe giving me a little nudge.

I need to go check on his grave.

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