The other day I was lamenting to my husband the death of one of my little pet projects, The Great Transatlantic Pinswap Project. It’s been more than a year since the last participant received the camera and no results. I finally reached the conclusion that the project was just dead and was ready to accept it and move on. ¬†Hence the reason for the the title of this post (which is today’s WordPress writing prompt).

Disastrous is probably a bit too emo a word for my situation, but whatever.

Still, I was kind of sad. I thought it was a cool project and had some plans for it. But sometimes things don’t work out and that’s life.

It was with great surprise that the next day my buddy Todd, the one who build the camera for the project, posted something on the project’s Facebook page about 3d printing a new camera for the project. He, literally, read my mind. I mean, for real mind meld shit.

So I had a pow wow with Todd and my other friend Inge (who has also been helping me) and we are planning a re-boot of the project! It’s going to be a fresh start. I’m so EXCITED!

I will talk more about it as we get closer to restarting the project. But if you are interested in learning more, head on over to the project’s current website and check it out! We are going to be creating a new website and even changing the name to be more world inclusive. Stay tuned!

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