Songs that make me cry

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Since this is such an interesting subject, I think I will make it a series. When I happen to hear a song that makes me cry I’ll post it. Perhaps you can make sense of why (because sometimes I really haven’t a clue).

Today a Facebook friend posted this video on his feed. I love this song, and the documentary, and so I clicked it. I got about half way through the song and I had to stop because I was full on crying and I didn’t want someone to walk in on me and ask why I was crying. Honestly, I have no idea why on earth this song is making me cry today but there is something about it that is hitting me right in the feels.


I recently watched “Stop Making Sense” for the very first time and really loved it. I became interested in watching it because I’m totally addicted to the television series “Documentary Now!” and the spoof on this particular documentary (“Final Transmission” is the name of that episode) is fucking hilarious. I highly recommend the series of you like satire.

When I posted about this a couple of weeks ago my buddy, Brendan, pointed me to a podcast he’d just listened to about this very subject. It is an episode of Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History and the episode is called, “King Of Tears.” I recommend giving it a listen if this subject interests you.  “Specificity meets melancholy” is what makes a song sad, according to Gladwell. Interesting food for thought.

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