A lot of people have been talking about Flickr’s big change. They are limiting the free accounts to only 1,000 photos instead of the terabyte offered several years ago (2013). I had been a pro user since 2006 and then switched to a free account when they offered the free terabyte because I didn’t see the point in paying for a pro account. It seems this change has pissed a lot of people off. I am throwing my unpopular opinion into the ring. I applaud Flickr for making this decision. I switched back to a Pro account almost as soon as they announced this change.

I applaud the change because of what I wrote about in this post. Social media has become an enterprise where we are providing content for these multi-million dollar companies but not getting paid for our content. To add insult to injury, our brains are getting hacked and manipulated so that we will buy the products of the REAL customers of these websites, the advertisers. This is evil. I welcome a model that gets back to genuine connection with other people all over the world, no strings attached. I am more than happy to pay for this service. I realize now that if a social media service is offered “for free” there are possibly evil motives.

I am happy to pay the mere $50 a year to Flickr. Flickr has served me well for over a decade. I applaud their decision to follow a different path, and appreciate that they are making sure their users continue to be the customers of their product.




I thought I’d post a quick update about my knee since I finally made it back to the physical therapist today. I’ve been a little worried about it because it still hurts, especially at night. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with it aching. The PT says that it’s totally normal and that everything is healing up really well. I’ve been limping around without crutches for almost two weeks and it’s caused my back to hurt. She told me that I have to stop limping because it’s really hard to unlearn limping once it gets ingrained in your head. So she game me a cane so I can focus on walking like a normal person. It is helping already! Though I do feel really old right now. The PT also told me I could start exercising on a bike at the gym, so I’ll start doing that this week. I miss exercise.

I’m trying to not think about how much I miss running.



I’m in the middle of a really busy day and haven’t been able to put any thought into posting here. Sooo, here is some blog filler: a self portrait in ballpoint pen I sketched the other day. Perhaps sharing what I’m doing with sketching will become a thing on this blog?