Sunday Runday

Health and Fitness

Today’s scheduled run was a 3 miler, but I decided to do my favorite 4.5 mile run instead. It was a glorius day for a run. Nice and cool and we finally got some rain!! All of the wildfire smoke has cleared out and I was able to breath. I was a bit speedier on my splits, which was nice for the ego.

I signed up for Strava.  (If you are there come and find me!) I am still finding my way around over there. I like some things about it but there are some concerns. I tried using it with my Apple Watch but couldn’t get it to work, which is frustrating. I used the activity app on my watch and ran Strava on my phone at the same time, which is kind of annoying.  However, I really like some of the analytics that I get with Strava that I don’t get with Apple Watch. And I like the social aspect as well.

One of the biggest concerns is safety. I gives your contacts access to your running routes, and I’m not sure I feel comfortable with that. But is that something that I should really be concerned about? I’d like to know your thoughts about it.

Today’s power song was Beez In The Trap by Niki Minaj. Oddly, I heard this song twice during my run, in the same place, at the beginning and at the end of my run. Weird!



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