Lights will guide you home


I’ve been falling into the bad habit of ruminating negatively on how rough this year has been. I feel like I’ve learned the lesson of impermanence over and over again. Many of my favorite things, things that I’ve taken for granted, are gone. My favorite knitting shop closed, Newspace is no more, the Columbia Gorge continues to burn as I type this. On a larger level, our country is in shambles with a narcissistic president who doesn’t  care about anyone but himself and his cronies. I miss Obama. I miss having a competent president.

I was going down this road this morning and then I stopped and decided to look at the bright side. And, indeed, that helped. I looked at the things in my life that I do have and I have to admit, that I am a lucky girl. I have a lot to be grateful for.

As I was walking out the door and turning on iTunes this was the first song that played. I feel like the Universe is telling me it will all be OK.


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