Friday random ten

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1. Come original. 311
There was a time when I lived in Spokane when I really liked listening to these guys because they reminded me of Santa Cruz. Now I think they sound dorky.

Video’s pretty dorky, too.

2. Rock-n-roll lifestyle. Cake.
Cake! My iPod likes Cake. So do I.

I wonder if I will think these guys are dorky someday, as well.

3. There she goes. The Las.
This one of my all time favorite songs. Ever.

I had to listen to it twice.

4. Not your fault. Awolnation
Good song. Kind of sick of it tho.

Video is kind of dumb.

5. Stop dragging my heart around. Tom petty,
Yeah! Love this song.

6. There goes my gun. Pixies.
I always enjoy the Pixies.

7. A pair of brown eyes. The Pogues.
This song makes me sleepy.

8. I bleed. Pixies
My iPod loves the Pixies.

9. Plainsong. The Cure.
This whole album makes me feel sad.

And sleepy.

10. Psycho killer. Talking Heads.

Woke me right up.

Friday Random 10

Books, Music, Art, Movies

Haven’t done this in awhile!

1. Rill Rill by Sleigh Bells.
Love this song! Great way to start a Friday.

2. Don’t leave me this way. Thelma Houston.
Old school disco. You know you love it.

3. Big. New Fast Automatic Daffodils.
Love this song! Haven’t heard it in years! One of my all time faves.

4. I’m lonely (but I ain’t that lonely yet). White Stripes.
Another one I haven’t heard in awhile.

5. Shadow stabbing. Cake.
I heart Cake.

6.5:15. The Who.
I have never heard this song.

7. Handlebars. Flobots.
Love this song! It reminds me of living in Spokane and of summer.

8. All these things that I’ve done. The Killers.
This is the only Killers song I really like but I really love this song. And I think this is one of the best music videos ever made.

9. One Chord Wonders. The Adverts.
That says it all.

10. Warsaw. Joy Division.
Yeah! What a great way to end this.

Happy Friday!

Friday Random Ten

Books, Music, Art, Movies

Oh dear. It appears I might have lost my blogging mojo. Well, these are always sort of fun. Perhaps it will get me back into the game. Firing up the iPod…

1. Bathwater. No Doubt.
Oh yay! Love this song!

2. So Much For The Afterglow. Everclear.
Another good song I haven’t heard in forever.

This video is rather hilariously odd.

3. Since I’ve Been Loving You. Led Zeppelin
Fuck Yeah, Led Zeppelin!!!!

4. Fat Lip. Sum 41.
OK. Call me a dork, but I love this song. When I hear the opening guitar riff I smile.

5. From Way Up Here. Pete Seeger.
I have no idea why I have this on my iPod. But whatever. It’s cool. It’s Pete Seeger. Of course it’s fucking cool.

6. I Won’t Back Down. Johnny Cash.
Fuck Yeah, Johnny Cash!

7. Skeletons. Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
God I love these guys.

8. Blue Shoes. Margo May.
I have no idea what this song is. I have never heard it before. I think there are gnomes loading up my iPod when I’m not looking.

9. Train In Vain. Clash
Fuck Yeah, Clash!

10. Deathly. Aimee Mann.
The songs from the Magnolia Soundtrack make me feel very sad.

On that note, I am going to bed. Good night, kids!

Friday Random 10 – mostly punk edition

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Let’s get it started, shall we? I’m using my iPod today. There are more weird, random songs that pop up that I haven’t heard before.

1. The Shadow of Seattle. Marcy Playground.
I have this album but have never heard the whole thing. Now, at least, I’ve heard this song. It’s not terrible.

2. The Cave. Mumford and Sons.
Oh god I love this song but it makes me cry. Also, whenever I hear these guys it makes me want to learn how to play my banjo already!

3. I am a Rock. Simon and Garfunkle.
Good song. A little cynical, but good song.

4. I Am Always Touched By Your Presence, Dear. Blondie.

5. Anarchy in the U.K. Sex Pistols.
Yeah! good old-school punk.

6. Mantovi. The Swinging Cats.
And old-school ska.

7. People Got a Lot of Nerve. Neko Case.
GREAT song. Even though it reminds me of winter in Spokane.

8. Fairytale in the Supermarket. The Raincoats.
Yeah for old-school punk!

9. Where Eagles Dare. Misfits
My iPod likes punk today. Awesome!!!

10. American Idiot. Green Day
Well o.k. then. Let’s end it with that.

Friday Random 10 – favorite songs edition

Books, Music, Art, Movies

It’s FRIDAY! Let’s get it started, shall we? Time for another Friday Random 10.

1. Colours. Grouplove.
This has been on my current playlist and I like it a lot.

Video is kinda odd, though.
2. Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.
This is one of my all time favorite songs. This song is the sound of my soul.

3.  Break my Body. Pixes.
I knew Pixies would play next. I just had a feeling. Love them lots.

4. Bone Machine. Pixies.
The shuffle feature on my Droid doesn’t work as well as my iPod. But that’s ok. ‘Cause I like song.

5. Soul Meets Body. Death Cab For Cutie.
The Droid is playing all of my favorite songs! Love love love this song.

6. Alright You Restless. Agesandages.
O.k. this is just weird. I knew something from this band would play next, too. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket today? Anyway. This band is excellent. I was introduced to them when I went to Live Wire in April. They are from Portland. I bought their album (same title as the song) and it is super good.

Also, want to be in a band like that.

7. Born Alone. Wilco.
I’ve been listening to this song a lot this Fall, too. Like it.

8.  Not Your Fault. AWOLNATION
Yay. l really like this song, too.

9.  Always Looking. Dum Dum Girls.
This is another really great recent find. The album was on sale at Amazon so I bought it and so don’t regret it at all. Really, really good.

10. Stay Young Go Dancing. Death Cab For Cutie.
aww. I love this song. It warms the deep cold recesses of my heart. so sweet.

Excellent FR10! So many great songs. Hopefully this is the sign of a good day.