Dancing in the deepest oceans


A month ago a friend on Facebook shared a number of live performances from bands from the Eighties and it was great fun to watch them. They took me back to my teens and early twenties. It’s so wonderful how music can do this! One of the songs was the Cure’s Just Like Heaven, which has been a pretty solid favorite of mine my whole life and his been on regular rotation in my playlists.

I decided to read the lyrics to the song last month when I heard it. It’s something I’ve been doing lately because of my interest in poetry.

Have you ever paid attention to the lyrics to this song? I hadn’t before. I’ve always connected to the fun, upbeat melody. Well, I read them and I wept.

Maybe it’s the connection to my younger days and that those days are gone, and I’m not the same person I was. Maybe I’m crying for the loss of her. The teen/20 something version of myself. I don’t know. Regardless, I wept. I still can’t really hear this song without crying.

Oh darling make it go away


I was getting ready for work and listening to music, as one does, and the fabulous song by Joe Jackson, Steppin’ Out, played. I  was recently reminded of that song on Fluxblog a few weeks ago and it’s been in my head ever since. I thought I was going to write about it today as I was listening to it. But then “This Woman’s Work” by Kate Bush played right afterwards and I found myself, a few bars in, covered in my own tears, sobbing. I think the universe knows that I needed a good cry this week. I didn’t think this week would be hard for me, but it’s proving to be very emotional. I am being haunted by ghosts.

So I will leave the video here, in case you want a good, cathartic, cry too. 

Tomorrow I will be back with my regularly scheduled photography.

You were bigger, and brighter, and whiter than snow.


I stepped in the car to go to the gym and I caught the tail end of the song, “Pictures Of You” on the radio and my heart skipped a beat because I love this song so much, and i haven’t heard it in ages.

It reminds me of a boyfriend from years and years ago who died in a car accident. I’ve been thinking about him the past few weeks because both his birthday and his death day are this time of year. I can’t recall the exact date for either of those. I think his birthday was around the end of October, and he died the first part of November. I bought the album “Disintegration” around the time of his death and it became the soundtrack of grief and mourning for me. It’s hard to listen to Pictures of You without crying. And I can’t even look the lyrics. I love the song, though, and listen even though it makes me cry.  As my mom has said “The healing is in the tears.”

That brings me to the photo for the week. Admittedly, I did just now  peek at the lyrics and that line “You were bigger, brighter, and whiter than snow” jumped out because this photos is part of my “Pinhole In The Library” series. The photo really has nothing to do with the song, except that they both associated with the word “snow”. But hey, whatever works for blog fodder.


geeky bits:
Terrapin Bijou + Kodak E 100 @ 6 minutes



My  iTunes has been playing a lot of Bjork lately, randomly. I was reminded of this beautiful song the other day. I think it’s been about 20 years since I’ve heard it. Absolutely love the lyrics. They are so simple, so sad, but full of hope.

And yes, this song made me cry.

The video is gorgeous as well. I’ve always loved her videos.

Songs that make me cry

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Since this is such an interesting subject, I think I will make it a series. When I happen to hear a song that makes me cry I’ll post it. Perhaps you can make sense of why (because sometimes I really haven’t a clue).

Today a Facebook friend posted this video on his feed. I love this song, and the documentary, and so I clicked it. I got about half way through the song and I had to stop because I was full on crying and I didn’t want someone to walk in on me and ask why I was crying. Honestly, I have no idea why on earth this song is making me cry today but there is something about it that is hitting me right in the feels.


I recently watched “Stop Making Sense” for the very first time and really loved it. I became interested in watching it because I’m totally addicted to the television series “Documentary Now!” and the spoof on this particular documentary (“Final Transmission” is the name of that episode) is fucking hilarious. I highly recommend the series of you like satire.

When I posted about this a couple of weeks ago my buddy, Brendan, pointed me to a podcast he’d just listened to about this very subject. It is an episode of Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History and the episode is called, “King Of Tears.” I recommend giving it a listen if this subject interests you.  “Specificity meets melancholy” is what makes a song sad, according to Gladwell. Interesting food for thought.