You were bigger, and brighter, and whiter than snow.


I stepped in the car to go to the gym and I caught the tail end of the song, “Pictures Of You” on the radio and my heart skipped a beat because I love this song so much, and i haven’t heard it in ages.

It reminds me of a boyfriend from years and years ago who died in a car accident. I’ve been thinking about him the past few weeks because both his birthday and his death day are this time of year. I can’t recall the exact date for either of those. I think his birthday was around the end of October, and he died the first part of November. I bought the album “Disintegration” around the time of his death and it became the soundtrack of grief and mourning for me. It’s hard to listen to Pictures of You without crying. And I can’t even look the lyrics. I love the song, though, and listen even though it makes me cry.  As my mom has said “The healing is in the tears.”

That brings me to the photo for the week. Admittedly, I did just now  peek at the lyrics and that line “You were bigger, brighter, and whiter than snow” jumped out because this photos is part of my “Pinhole In The Library” series. The photo really has nothing to do with the song, except that they both associated with the word “snow”. But hey, whatever works for blog fodder.


geeky bits:
Terrapin Bijou + Kodak E 100 @ 6 minutes

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