Court Rules California Cannot Ban Gay Marriages

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Yahoo! News – Court Rules California Cannot Ban Gay Marriages

In a victory for gay rights groups, a California Superior Court judge ruled on Monday that the state’s voter-approved ban on homosexual marriage is unconstitutional.

Thought I’d crawl out of my hole to post this article I just saw on Yahoo News. This is fantastic news, indeed! I remember when this went on the ballot a few years ago (the law that made marraige between a man and a woman only). Of course I voted against it. I couldn’t believe it when it overwhelmingly passed. I think Santa Cruz and San Francisco counties were, like, the only counties in Califoria that voted no on the ballot measure. Or something like that. I remember being shocked by the amount of people who voted yes. Disgusted, really. It’s hard to believe that people are so bigoted. But they are. Yes, California can be a red state, too.

3 thoughts on “Court Rules California Cannot Ban Gay Marriages

  1. Hey it’s easy to sell hate. And if you tell people they are going to lose something because of a change, they will fight it to the death. Of course, the fact there is no evidence that it will cost anyone anything. Well other than the Republicans who seem to not be able to sleep because they are worried about what goes on in other people’s bedrooms. What I find amusing that the same people who can be convinced that they need to define things so they profit most from it, will be the most outraged when the Republicans decide they are going to define what’s appropriate bedroom behavior for them. And that’s the next step for Republicans, it’s just their nature they don’t like anyone.


  2. BTW, welcome back to the land of the blogging. 🙂 The trolls may not have missed you, but I did! I’d love to tell you something profoundly uplifting, but I’m not good at such things. It’s reassuring that there are still sane people out there in this world.


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