Dallas Gunman Kills 3 From Car Sunroof


Yahoo! News – Dallas Gunman Kills 3 From Car Sunroof

A gunman armed with an assault rifle squeezed through the sunroof of a Jaguar early Tuesday and opened fire on another moving vehicle, killing three men and critically wounding a fourth, police said.

Alright…I’ve been reading waaay too many stories in the news the past few days about people going nuts and going on, for lack of a better way of saying it, shooting rampages…What the hell is going on? I opened up yahoo news and, down the line, all of the stories are either about Atanta shooting, anthrax being found in another post office, and now we have a person shooting through a sun roof. WTF?!?

One thought on “Dallas Gunman Kills 3 From Car Sunroof

  1. Personally I think it’s stress, but on a societal level. The Republicans have declared war on America and are assaulting it on every front. Even if people aren’t conscious of it, it’s eating at them on one level or another. The mentally unstable are more sensitive to such stresses and when things get really bad they tend to make things worse, contributing to the cycle. Societies that go this way for too long without relief will rip themselves apart. Sometimes your lucky and something comes along and distracts our collective mind and there is time to release the frustration in healthy ways. In theory there could be some collective effort by people to diffuse it I guess, but it would require the acknowledgement of a problem, which you can guarantee half our society will not know there is a problem because they created it. I imagine it will manifest itself in increasing cycles of violence until someone powerful steps up to stop it. Culturally we have made an effort to eliminate those kinds of people, so I can’t imagine where they would manifest.


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