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Truthout posts a couple of news articles that talk about how some Senators and Representatives, namely Boxer and Lewis, are discussing whether or not Bush should be impeached for spying on Americans. All I can say is IT’S ABOUT TIME congress started getting tough with the Bush administration! It’s about time that they push back. The man is out of control. He is not even trying to cover it up. He is admitting these things to the American people like we are all stupid and we will just allow him to break the law.

I say Impeach him! Please!


3 thoughts on “Impeach him

  1. i totally agree! this guy is just unbelievable! but if we get rid of him, we also need to get rid of cheney. i don’t think i could take him running the country for another 3 years (not like he’s not already running it from behind the scenes now)


  2. Republicans would never impeach a criminal in their own party. Criminality is a fundamental political value of the Republican party. I think it’s a good thing to try to push through and when we win the Senate and House back, then run both Cheney and Bush out of office.


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