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I had quite the exciting morning. I was cutting open a box of tofu and snipped the tinest corner of my left ring finger off. It bled all over the house. And we were out of bandaids. I finally found one in the first aid kit. it was a ginormous band-aid but did the job. Actually it was probably best for the job since it was big enough to sop up all of the blood. I’m grossing myself out right now typing this.

Anyway it still hurts. I prolly should go get stitches but I’m not going to.


One thought on “owwww

  1. Dang, Moni, that’s bad. Sounds like some kind of stitches are needed. But maybe since you’re a knitter, you could just have it knitted instead. 😉

    Hope you’re better. You must have typed this post with one hand…nicely done.


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