Britney’s bald?!?

Pop singer Britney Spears gained her second U....

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I really have never cared one way or another for Britney spears. But, dude, did you read the lastest about her?

She flew back to Los Angeles economy class on American Airlines and immediately drove to a hair salon and demanded that staff shave her head. When they refused, she picked up some clippers and did it herself.

She then drove over to the tattoo parlour where employee Emily Wynne-Hughes told local media yesterday that she was “highly agitated” and a “nightmare” to deal with. Spears was given a £50 set of red lips tattoos on her wrist. When asked about her new style, the singer told Hughes: “I don’t want anyone touching me. I’m tired of everyone touching me.”

It’s like watching a trainwreck! Can’t…Look…Away….


Read the sordid story here:

‘Britney Shears’ hits rock bottom-Arts & Entertainment-TimesOnline

4 thoughts on “Britney’s bald?!?

  1. I saw that on Go Fug Yourself today. So bizarre. I can’t stand her, but in her defense I can’t imagine living under such scrutiny, either.


  2. I read it, saw it – and the first thing that came to mind was :”SOooooooOOOOOOOOoooooooooOOOOOOOOoooo  WHAT??!!!”Why do you people care? I want you take half a moment to all have one or two deep breaths, shake all the dope out, and think with ur non-media-clouded brains. Search way down deep inside ur psyche for that little place in the back of your head that’s called “ADULT REASONING”.What is the significance of shaving your head? I’ve done it 4 times now in 2 years,  and not ONE person shouted abuse at me for it. Not one person said “Oooh Glenn’s really hit rock bottom.”I’ve shaved my entire groin area bald, AND gone out with no underwear on, and no-one called ME a tramp. Sometimes I just like to free-ball it! By the same token, many girls go out without underwear if they’re wearing a particular kind of dress that is much better worn without underwear.I don’t have any tattoo’s, but that’s my personal choice. Tattoos are IN right now, though. MOST (and by that I mean more than 50% of girls) have tattoos on them – some of them have LOTS of ink!I’ve flirted with bi-sexuality, but I’m rarer because I’m a guy. MOST girls have had some sort of bi-sexual experience in recent years. It’s extremely common these days.And most girls don’t like strangers touching them, that’s a commonly-shared feeling by most people.So why, when Britney goes and gets a new tattoo, shaves her head, goes out on the town wearing no underwear, has “bi-sexual orgies” and tells reporters that she’s tired of being touched by strangers, do I see newspaper headlines screaming:’Britney Shears’ hits rock bottom[Link]GOOD!!! Some more “weird” behaviour is what this world needs – keeps the peon masses on their toes. Blonde BIMBO SHEEP and insecure glamour girls everywhere are scratching their heads and looking at each other going “Ummm is this a new trend? Are we supposed to imitate this?? Like, I don’t get it!! I USED to like Britney, but, like, now she’s all weird. So… like, I’m gunna keep imitating OLD Britney.”Give me a fucking break, would you please?Britney hasn’t hit rock bottom until she’s shooting meth into her eye-balls and her kids wind up dead with rotating heads like the baby on Trainspotting. People are complaining that she doesn’t spend enough time with her kids, and too much time out partying. Well this i just DON’T understand. Have you SEEN her parenting skills? The longer these kids spend in CAPABLE child-care – while Britney’s out doing whatever she does, the BETTER.No, I don’t agree with most people on Britney Spears. I think for ONCE she’s making real sense to me. I LIKE it when people get REAL. I like it when they just snap and say “You know what? Fuck you hollywood, and fuck you world, I ain’t playing YOUR game anymore. I’ll SHAVE my head if I wanna, I’ll tattoo my arm if I wanna, I’ll have sex with who I wanna, I’ll wear underwear – or not – if I wanna, and you can say what you like: This is my life, I only get 60 or 70 years IF I’m lucky, so I’m enjoying it any way I like.”Until Britney is hurting others – ie. invading countries filled with brown people, or clubbing baby seals, or stock-piling nuclear weapons, or even enforcing  RIDIIIIIIICULOUS water restrictions when she could EASILY spend tax-payers money on a salt-water recycling plant instead of spending 1.5 million dollars on bringing the Queen here………… I DONT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH HER!!!!For the first time in years I say GO BRITNEY SPEARS YOU GOOD THING!


  3. Glen,
    Wow. Rant much? Dude. Chill out a little bit. geez.

    I personally don’t care all that much what Brittney does. I do think that it’s odd for her to shave her head since this is not behavior that she normally exhibits. So, clearly, and you don’t have to be a psychologist to see it, something is wrong with her psychologically. (If not, then good for her. Have at it. Have fun with your new look, Brittney.) It seems pretty clear to me, though, that she might be losing it. And maybe we just kind of feel sorry for her if that’s the case. It’s not like we all haven’t felt crazy, too. We just don’t have the news media playing it out, thank god.


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