Today I was hit by a car.


hit by a car
Yes that’s right. I was hit by a car. I took the bus to work and was crossing the street after the bus dropped me off at my stop. I was hit in one of the first two lanes of the four lane road. The car was turning left onto the road I was crossing. At some point as I was crossing I realized that the car was not going to stop so I screamed and turned to run back to the side of the road. I didn’t make it. He hit me as I was in mid-turn. I bounced off of his car and ended up on the side of the road on my left side.

I was hysterical. I immediately started crying. The driver of the car stopped and got out. He was a nice old man. He felt terrible. He said that he didn’t see me (which seems really weird since I wear a hunter orange jacket). He offered to take me to the hospital and he tried to get me to stand up but the other three witnesses said, “no!” They did not want me to move at all. One of them called 911 and another one kind of dragged me out of the road when I tried to move myself. They were truly good Samaritans to help me like that. A lady drove by and handed one of the witnesses a piece of paper with her info to give to the police officer because she was also a witness. The ambulance and police finally came after about 5 minutes. They asked me if I wanted to take and ambulence to the hospital. I can’t believe this, but I actually was considering not going with them and trying to walk to work. I was only about 3 blocks away from work and I didn’t have any broken bones, maybe I’m okay to work? I was obviously not in my right mind. I looked down at my clothes and I was covered in dirt and bruises. I asked the medic what he thought and he said, “it’s your choice but, generally, when people get hit by a car they should go to a hospital to get checked out.” So I went. My very first ambulance ride in my life.

I checked out okay. They took a pelvic x-ray because the left side of my lower back was hurting but there was no fracture or anything. Just muscle strain. Thank God. It could have been so much worse. I am so glad it wasn’t. I was pretty lucky, considering.

I feel pretty okay right now. They gave me some Motrin at the hospital and I took another dose so the pain is kind of numbed. The doctor said that I will probably feel really bad tomorrow. He prescribed hydrocodone in anticipation of the pain I might be feeling tomorrow. yikes. I’m a little afraid of tomorrow.

And just as a note to myself, the temperature was 38 degrees and the roads were fairly dry. There was no ice on the roads at all. In other words, the guy did not and could not have slid into me.

20 thoughts on “Today I was hit by a car.

  1. Moni, OMG. That’s horrible. I still have a chill thinking about it. I’m a pedestrian in Philadelphia, and I wonder all the time about drivers making bad mistakes like that. You could have been killed. I’m so glad you’re going to be okay. Still shaking for you from across the country.

    Be well.


  2. OMG! That’s awful! I’m glad you’re ok (nothing broken or requiring surgery) take it easy and you will definitely be hurting tomorrow. I hope the police gave that guy a ticket!


  3. Monica: Good grief! Glad the x-rays showed nothing serious. I’ll quit assuming anything when crossing the street. Please take care, relax and recover. What a trauma! Susan


  4. Oh my God Monica! I’m so glad that you’re ok! I can’t believe he didn’t see you. I really think people need to take driving tests after a certain age. Rest and I hope the pain goes away soon! I’m sending you a gentle hug across the miles.


  5. !! how horrible, moni ~ i’m so glad you’re ok, and yeah it could have been so much worse, thank goodness for that at laest. 😦 😦 wow.

    when crazy things like this happen in our lives, we have to make sure and take time to kinda get our heads straight again. so take as much time for yourself as possible – so glad you’re ok though. phew. life is fragile.

    a big hug from maryland.


  6. holy cow Moni! Glad there’s no broken bits. You’re probably still in shock. You’re right though, things could have been so much worse. Hope you feel better in the next few days.


  7. Moni, I’m so glad to hear that you weren’t seriously injured. How scary!!

    I’ve been in a car accident before I agree with your doctor… oftentimes the pain is much worse 24 hours (or more) later. I hope you’ll be back up to speed as soon as possible!


  8. I’m so sorry. The same thing happened to me almost two years ago now. The woman was turning left and didn’t see me crossing in the crosswalk. I was wearing a fuschia shirt. Anyway, I rolled up onto her hood and then hit the pavement when she slammed on her brakes.


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