A Sewing Bender


bath matI went on a sewing bender this weekend. I stumbled upon all of these great sewing blogs this past week and couldn’t wait for the weekend to get started on some projects! The first project was a bathmat. I found the pattern at the Sew Liberated blog. I thought it was so cute and decided that I had to have one for myself! So I dug through my small fabric stash and found a pack of charms that my MIL gave me a couple of years ago. These turned out to be perfect for this. I cut each charm into fours and they were the perfect size: 2.5 squared. After sewing them together I found an old terrycloth town and used that as the backing. I really wanted to do the cute footprint thing but decided that was too much for my newbie sewing skillz. So I just sewed across three times, evenly spaced to “quilt” the mat. I love how it turned out! And it didn’t completely make me crazy, as certain sew projects do.

project bagThe next thing I worked on was this little project bag. You can find the pattern here and, I believe, it is published for free by All People Quilt. It’s the perfect little bag for a small knitting project, like socks. You can see the inside of the bag here as well as my current sock project inside of its new home. This was a little bit more frustrating for me. It went along fine until I got to the very end. I couldn’t finish the handles with the sewing machine so I handstitched the raw ends closed. It doesn’t look great but oh well. It will serve it’s purpose. It’s a great little pattern. There are pockets on the inside to stash stuff you might need like little scissors or measuring tape. You could probably get away with not using quilting batting. If I make this again I will use fusable interfacing to give it structure. I’m not sure I like how “puffy” it is.

So anyway, that’s what I’ve been doing this weekend. I hope you all had a good one, as well!

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