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This is a really sad local story. It especially hits home for me since the man who hit me was also an elderly person. And while I have forgiven the person who hit me (I know he didn’t mean to do it and I’m sure he feels awful) I do feel that he should not be driving. He is lucky that I wasn’t hurt worse than I was. I walked away with a few scratches but I easily could have been killed, especially if I was a little kid. The sad thing is that the man is a patron at the library I work at. He comes into the library and I kind of go hide because I can’t face him. I noticed last winter, when the roads were really icy, that he was here alone. I deduced that he drove here. By himself. On the icy roads. That frightens me. My thought is that they should have taken his license away. Frankly, I don’t care how old you are, if you fucking hit someone while they are crossing the street should shouldn’t be allowed to drive. If you can’t fucking handle your vehicle then you shouldn’t drive.

O.k. this is not cool at all.

I thought this blog post was fascinating! I am one of those who does judge a book by the cover. I am attracted to book covers. What can I say? (Pretty! Shiny!) I loved  Story of a Girl and I loved the story behind the cover.  Melissa Walker posted stories of other YA book covers this past week, so go check it out :)!

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