Crafty Monday: Que Sera


I finished Que Sera a long time ago. Here is a horrible picture of me wearing it, reflected in the bathroom mirror. I really need to get better at taking pictures of myself wearing my hand knits. That is one thing I’ve never really gotten good at, or have liked doing in all of the years I’ve been blogging about my knitting.

But that is beside the point.

So. Que Sera. This wasn’t the funnest knit for me. I saw the sweater in Knitty and had to have it. I’ve been needed more cardigans to wear to work and a cotton, lace cardigan fit the bill perfectly for summer. But, honestly, I am not fond of knitting lace. It frustrates me. Always has. It is in no way relaxing to me. Unfortunately, I like the way lace looks and sometimes I want to wear lacey things. So this was one of those times where I just pushed through and did it. And I really like the final product for the most part.

The one thing I don’t like is the neckline. When I wear it it tends to slide down my shoulders. But that’s the magic of knitting your  own sweaters.  You can fix things like this! So I plan to do that.

The buttons I chose are too small, so I will be replacing those, as well.

The sleeves I decided to knit differently than the pattern was written. The sleeves are knit flat. Which is kind of weird to me because the rest of the sweater is knit in the round. So the sweater is knit in the round and the shoulders are seamed up and then you knit the sleeves flat and then seam them into the armholes. After knitting an entire lace sweater, that just sounded like a recipe for a tempter tantrum. So I decided to make things easier on myself and just pick up the stitches around the armhole and knit them from the top down. The lace pattern is upside down but that is perfectly fine. You can’t really tell. I double decreased the sleeves every 6th and 12th row. And I decided to make them 3/4 sleeves, since this is a summer sweater.

It is knitted with Cotton Ease so I can wash and dry it if I wanted to. It’s very comfy and, despite the neckline thing, I really like wearing it.

Ravelry Link.

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