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Raf and I decided to spend Christmas at the Beach. This was prompted by my desire to try to get away for Christmas. I’m going to tell you right now, I hate Christmas. I have come to this realization. I hate the holidays. I’m not sure what exactly it is about it that I hate so much but I’m pretty sure much of that hate has to do with the consumerist culture surrounding it and all of the stress that comes with it.

So I wanted to get away. We decide to go to Ocean Park, WA. We’ve visited Ocean Park for years and love it there. We go at least once a year. We drove over on Christmas Eve, arrived at around 5:00 PM (it took way longer to get there than I thought).

We didn’t bring any food with us to prepare so we went to the store. Guess what? Everything was totally locked down until the day after Christmas.

I was kind of irritated at that point. I actually said, “I want to go somewhere where Christmas doesn’t exist.” I think I bummed out my poor husband when I said that (He really puts up with a lot. He’s a trooper).

Things ended up being great though. We had a really yummy dinner of Thai food. We stayed up late watching scary movies. And the next morning we got up early and walked on the beach. Which is all I really wanted to do in the first place. Walk on the beach. It was really wonderful. I brought my camera with me and took some pictures and had lots of fun doing it. I have missed my camera these past few months and am thinking I should bring it with me more often.

Emilie, one of my friends from my mediation group reminded me that there are lots of places in the world where Christmas doesn’t exist. Most of the world, in fact. So Raf and I talked about it and I think we may go visit one of those places next year. We were talking specifically about Thailand. I’ve never really had a huge desire to go to Thailand but Raf wants to go and I’m always up for an adventure. So. Perhaps we will spend next Christmas in Thailand?

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