A new theme for a new year


Today’s post might be kind of boring and techie. But I’m kind of excited. I actually bought my first WordPress premium theme. They wrote about it on the official WordPress blog yesterday and when I saw it I had to have it. It’s quite near everything I’ve been looking for in a WordPress theme. The theme is called Duet. So instead of writing up a blog post of any substance whatsoever I am going to play with my new theme and prettify my blog.

P.S. I am told my Holga prints arrived today. So stay tuned! I will post them here tomorrow.

P.P.S. And because Preita asked, here is a photo, grabbed off of Flickr, so you can see what a post with an inline photo looks like. This is the medium size and the theme will size it all up automatically to fit in the two column layout.


13 thoughts on “A new theme for a new year

  1. I really love this theme. Did it save your wigets or categories? Did you have to retag things? Also post a picture, I want to see how it’d look with pictures 🙂


    1. Thanks! It did save everything (thank goodness!). I’m just going to go through some older posts and see how the formatting is. Posting pictures is different. I’ll have to get used to it. You can post them inline and they seem to format nicely in the two column layout. There are a few posts where that’s not the case though. Videos suck with the two column layout though. But the good news is that you can disable the columns for individual posts so there is lots of wiggle room..


    1. Yes there is! I thought about implementing it myself but kind of like how uncluttered it is without it. That’s just my preference though. But, yes, you can have a sidebar if you want it.


        1. There is a choice for custom background but not for custom header. You can upload a logo but since I don’t have one I haven’t tried it to see what it looks like…


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